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disembodied adj : not having a material body; "bodiless ghosts" [syn: discorporate, unembodied, bodiless, unbodied]disembody v : free from a body or physical form or reality [also: disembodied]disembodied See disembody

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  1. past of disembody


  1. having no material body; incorporeal or insubstantial
    A disembodied voice came from nowhere.

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Disembodied is Buckethead's second album under the name Death Cube K (an anagram for Buckethead). It was released on July 22 1997, by ION records, and was produced by Bill Laswell.

Track listing

  1. "Disembodied" – 9:14
  2. "Embalmed" – 4:58
  3. "Terror Tram" – 9:35
  4. "Hanging Gallows" – 5:32
  5. "Pre Hack" – 15:29


  • Death Cube K (aka Buckethead) - guitar, Dr. Phibes organ, stretching rake.
  • Extrakd - ambient nightmare machete.
  • Bill Laswell - bass.
  • Recorded at the Embalming Plant, Oakland; California.
  • Additional recording and mixing at Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn; New York.
  • Produced by Buckethead and Bill Laswell.
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